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Statewide Services, Inc. offers professional construction management and general contractor and construction services on both public and private sector projects here in Palm Desert and the entire Coachella Valley. Our team of highly diversified professionals is experienced in providing agency construction management, multiple prime delivery, construction management at-risk, and design-build services. Our techniques combined with a builder approach adds value to every project as it enables the team to manage budgets, drive schedules, and ensure the quality of the built product, while maintaining strong relationships with project team members.

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Project Management

Our clients recognize SWS for its outstanding track record of completing projects on time and within budget. We accomplish this through hands-on involvement of our experienced staff through all phases of the project. Our objective is to ensure that individual projects are completed in a cost efficient manner, while maximizing funding resources.

Cost Control

Because of our construction and construction management expertise, our clients have the unique opportunity to manage costs from the design stage of the project to the completion of the project.

Value Engineering

SWS has extensive experience in providing value engineering services to its clients. Because our teams have extensive experience in design-build and similar delivery types, SWS’s value engineering process is firmly embedded in our culture and is a part of how we conduct our day-to-day business during project management.

Inspection Q&A

The primary objective of the quality control program is to ensure that quality work is performed consistent with the client’s expectations, in accordance with contract drawings and specifications, and in compliance with applicable regulations and restrictions.


We have extensive experience in working with educational, healthcare, governmental, and commercial projects. We have worked closely with facility managers, architects, engineers, specialty consultants, inspectors and trade contractors and we have direct experience working with state and local government officials.


The most critical exercise for most projects is establishing the project budget, and then to adhere to the established project budget. SWS’s skills and professionalism in this process is widely recognized. Our diligence helps to confirm that the project budget is sufficient to build the project as required and as envisioned.

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